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Александр Тюкин 07 апреля 2017 года  

срочно нужен перевод текста

I'm doing it alone I receive help from no one
I'm down I'm out I'm going crazy
I'm in this booth daily
but I refuse to let it phase me
determined to make a better life for my family
hoping one day my voice will set us free
so many kids screaming they a gangster
no idea they ain't started life
thinking they a bomber tolled up with a knife
never had to contemplate famine or strife
parents unable to had left their condition
to busy dealing with own remenition
I ain't getting help from no one
I ain't seen a thing you done
I started out for fun
but my struggle is real
everything I put I swear I can feel
my partners pissed I've lost my appeal
I'm going withdrawn
I'm battling Satan's spawn
shine the light come on for fuck sake show me dawn

I'm a prisoner in my own mind
you think it's hard on the streets
please what I wouldn't give
to go home to mommies with clean sheets
I'm always behind
locked away by a key I can't find
I see you running round like you own the streets
setting up places for your private meets
swearing you a gangsta cause you got man's to back you
come take a peek
look in my eyes
see the true terror
my own demise
talk shit all you want
lyk dis and lyk dat ya no
like you ever been a victim of the 50
you wouldn't handle the heat though
lashing out cause you think you bad
forget your friends or be stuck I the fad
you say you a gangster
go upto to your mom hug her and thank her
Calod вчера в 22:36
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